The Road to Real-time: Enabling real-time P2P payments with Zelle

A bank headquartered in Western New York wanted to empower in-person payments with cutting-edge, real-time technology.


Emerging technologies such as real-time person-to-person (P2P) payments require continuous innovation. Zelle is a banking platform designed to enable P2P payments and address growing customer expectations. Customers of a Zelle-enabled bank can share real-time transactions without using third-party apps or experiencing delays when posting funds. This Northeast bank turned to us to help modernize and integrate their legacy systems and data to support Zelle and real-time payments.


There is a critical gap between a bank’s existing, legacy data silos and Zelle’s new-age platform. These disparate systems must be integrated, along with compatible data sources, field flow, and security protocols. We deployed a data architecture that connects the right data to make P2P payments reliable and efficient. Going forward, any service that requires a real-time conversation will be executed through this architecture.


The bank's integrated real-time data systems deliver the power of immediate P2P payments, executed with a simple cell number. The solution helps the client to:

  • Reduce customer attrition
  • Increase transaction volume
  • Increase customer value

Having enabled real-time P2P payments, the bank is one step closer to moving past the traditional automated clearing house, to a continuous-business model.