The Key to Communications: Streamlining standardized enterprise messaging

A New York bank developed an enterprise messaging hub to support new service offerings and enable a consistent messaging experience.


As expectations rise, banks continually seek new and innovative ways to engage their customers. Customer communications are the face of the brand, and the lack of standardized messaging created a fragmented experience. Ad hoc, single message solutions were time-consuming to build and expensive to maintain. In response, this bank partnered with ICC to develop a one-stop enterprise messaging hub.


The standardized framework was built to create custom communications using universal messaging “building blocks.”  Whether the team is building “suspicious activity” texts or a “low balance” email, communications are easy to build because the single portal contains consistent requirements:

  • Templates for standard messages
  • Sender and recipient
  • Communication channel: text, push notifications, email
  • Drip campaigns & event triggers
  • Real-time business rules

Agile development kept deliverables on-time and costs low.  Real-time requirements were supported by TIBCO business works and business events, while Maven was utilized for automation and Spring Framework for the Java back-end.


With the framework in place, the bank can quickly deploy standardized communications at a significantly lower implementation and maintenance cost. The solution is enterprise-wide and provides the internal development team with a universal approach to messaging while customers receive consistent communications. In addition to lowering the total cost of ownership, the solution serves as the backbone for enterprise messaging requirements.