Next Generation for Baby Boomers: Deploying SOA to optimize business processes

A state retirement system needed to redesign its existing business processes to address the gap between current systems and upcoming demand.

Knowing that an unprecedented wave of new retirees was on its way, this public retirement system conducted a detailed Business Process Redesign (BPR) project. The team identified several opportunities for operational improvements, and these lay the foundation to support its business in an evolving future. 

ICC’s role covered three primary areas:

•         Implement future business processes

•         Build and deploy the SOA technology solution

•         Integrate the system and manage the overall program

Critical to the success of the BPR was the identifying and managing many interrelated business and technical projects. Some of these were already underway, and others had not yet started. The work included a transparent approach to communications, training, risk, scope management, and governance that provided the right information at the right time – for the right decisions. 

The result was a reduction in service delivery time through business process optimization, and an improved customer experience for members, retirees, and employers.