Helping parents on their journey to change a child’s life

It takes heart to foster or adopt a child… it also takes a great online experience.


With the increasing number of children needing both short-term and long-term support, a state in the Midwest wanted to raise awareness for the need for foster and adoptive families and provide critical information to existing and prospective parents

Unfortunately, most people didn't know that a foster care and adoption website existed. And those who did visit found a site that was outdated, lacked necessary information, and was not user-friendly.


In response, the state agency partnered with ICC to launch a new website and marketing campaign that would drive awareness and recruit future foster caregivers and adoptive parents.

The project began by interviewing existing parents and agency representatives to understand what people needed at each stage of their journey. The insights were used to recommend what content was needed and how to organize it. The resulting journey maps were validated with a parent focus group.

Once approved, the ICC team began the design and build of the new site using the state’s standard platform to help improve content sharing and "findability." The team dramatically expanded the web copy – from two to over 80 pages of content. To drive traffic to the new site, the team branded, developed, and launched an integrated awareness campaign.


The campaign is helping to increase awareness and interest in fostering or adopting children across the state. The campaign is designed to drive current and prospective parents to the new website where they can:  

  • Learn more about the foster care and adoption process
  • Engage and submit online inquiries
  • Easily find relevant resources, including articles, organizations, and support services  

The success of the campaign will initially be measured by the increase in visitors and their engagement on the website. Ultimately success will be based on increasing the number of parents who are willing to open up their heart and their homes for a child in need.