Delivering value: Providing logistic services for small- and medium-size businesses

A multinational delivery services company wanted to develop a new fulfillment service to capitalize on the growing third-party logistics market.


E-commerce and continued outsourcing are fueling global third-party logistics (3PL) growth, with the market expected to drive over $1.1T in revenues by 2022. In response to this opportunity, a multinational delivery services company partnered with us to to design, develop, and deploy a brand-new fulfillment service offering. The new service would target small to mid-sized merchants with a desire to launch e-commerce capabilities, and would provide assistance with both forward and reverse logistics for their growing business. The platform needed to include a new merchant web portal and integration with major e-commerce channels such as Amazon and Shopify.


For this project, the team successfully executed user research, design, and front-end development, and collaborated with a team of developers to integrate the front-end code into a portal platform. With multiple releases, the project leveraged an iterative approach to a large scale digital program. Our team launched an initial set of features and capabilities and continue to actively partner with the client on the design and development of future releases. In addition, the team continues to capture feedback from customers using the live platform and are incorporating the feedback into the ongoing design.


With this new platform, retailers who leverage the fulfillment service can:

  • Manage inventory with real-time data
  • Track orders from time-of-purchase to delivery
  • Control how orders and returns are processed
  • Process returns at the company’s retail locations
  • Easily connect to major e-commerce channels

The solution has positioned the client to capitalize on the incredible 3PL market growth and to strategically increase their shipping revenues from their growing fulfillment partners.