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A new project delivery model from a trusted partner

Say goodbye to silos, and hello to agility

Experience, analytics, and technology are more connected than ever. That's why we brought them all under one roof. We call it Cosmos, and it lets us deliver modern solutions your business needs at unprecedented speed. There's no waiting for time-zone shifts. No space impacts on your office. No disconnected team members.

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Your one-stop digital shop

At the heart of our delivery center in Columbus, Ohio are the 500 skilled practitioners helping you embrace the latest digital innovations and delivering end-to-end software development. ICC’s Cosmos delivery center allows us to assemble a U.S.-based, team of designers, developers, integrators, and data engineers. We give them access to state-of-the-art technology, and co-locate them with industry and business experts and ― most importantly ― each other.

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Columbus - the perfect place to embrace the new rules of digital

Columbus is a top market for tech talent, attracting highly skilled associates from across the country and from over 53 local colleges and universities. The rich talent pool and inherently low costs of the area, combined with our perfected remote delivery model, allows us to provide cost-effective solutions to our clients' technology needs. Centrally located, fast-growing, and insulated from most natural disasters, we think Columbus is the perfect place to embrace the new rules of digital.

Columbus: 20 reasons why

Cosmos delivers the core services you need.

“Onshoring is the answer to rising labor costs abroad and the need for agile, local teams in the same time zone that can react quickly to today’s constantly evolving, tech-fueled customer needs”
― ZDNet
“Onshoring helps U.S. companies remain competitive in the digital era, as well as develop the next generation of U.S. IT leaders”
― VentureBeat

The impact of onshoring

Offshoring can provide a lower rate per hour worked, but some disadvantages diminish their appeal. When you factor in the real total cost of additional project management and lost productivity, you're not saving as much as you'd think. Offshore teams come with their share of headaches, from time zone challenges to language and cultural barriers. And, team members are often scattered throughout multiple locations, hampering collaboration and causing delays and misfires. With Cosmos, your business gets the best of both worlds: significantly lower project costs, with the efficiency and effectiveness of a U.S.-based project team.

As one of the largest private, Midwest IT consulting companies, ICC is a leader in this fast-growing domestic services space. Let’s talk about how Cosmos can support your next project. 

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Proven results, crafted in Columbus

We deliver a range of projects from our Delivery Center, including UI/UX, AppDev, and data integration. Check out some of our recently delivered projects to see how you can put the power of Cosmos to work for you.